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I am a mother of a young boy who has allergies. My kid’s condition has motivated me to look closer at our life and the environment we live in. I’ve started to shop, cook and live more carefully. With time this healthy way of living has become my passion and hobby.

On my blog keepitsimple.bio you can find tips and guideline on how to live a healthy life. I can show you possibilities to avoid harmful substances and things in your day to day life, food and everywhere around you.

I believe that due to a simple change of habits my son’s condition is much better now. The elimination of chemical substances and the rediscovery of natural products have become my fundamental principle, which helps us maintain good health.

All of my recipes are based on this principle and that distinguishes my blog from others. My recipes are vegan, without nuts, sugar and unnecessary additives. I use natural products only. I love simplicity in the kitchen and in life.

I will tell you how to change your habits easily. About coming back to simplicity because less is more. It’s always worth trying, trust me – I’ve checked.


Keep It Simple


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