Strawberry and broad bean salad

Strawberry and broad bean salad. Sounds weird? I guarantee that this surprising mix tastes delicious. It’s one of those seasonal offers and I must confess – it’s one my favourite combos on my plate these days.


strawberry and broad bean salad on the plate
strawberry and broad bean salad

I’m a huge fan of strawberries and broad bean. When you add a red onion to the mix, the whole dish gets spicy and it tastes like heaven.The salad is easy to make and the result is mind-blowing! It’s an ideal dinner or a snack on a hot summer day.

Here is a recipe for a strawberries and broad bean salad.

For 4 hungry people:

What ingredients do I need to make a strawberry and broad bean salad?

  • 500 g of broad beans
  • 250 g of strawberries
  • half of red onion
  • a bit of chives
  • a garlic clove (optional)
  • olive oil

How to make a strawberry and broad bean salad?

  • wash the beans and boil them in salty water
  • peel the beans (optional)
  • wash strawberries and cut them into quarters
  • cut red onion into rings or thin slices
  • chop chives
  • mix all the ingredients
strawberry and broad bean salad ready to eat
strawberry and broad bean salad


How to make a dressing for a strawberry and broad bean salad?

It’s very easy! Crush garlic and combine it with olive oil. If you don’t like garlic, just pour olive oil on your strawberry and broad bean salad. I love spicy dishes so I sprinkle my salad with chili flakes.


In addition, I’d love to encourage you to buy organic fruit and vegetables. I know they are more expensive. I’m fully aware of it. But in my humble opinion, it’s really worth investing in your health. Your family and yours, especially children’s health.

Unfortunately, for many years strawberries have been on the list called ‘Dirty Dozen‘, created by Environmental Working Group. It’s an organization, whose mission is to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment.

Every year they prepare a list of fruit and vegetables with the highest pesticide residue, and they recommend that consumers

look for organically produced varieties of these products. Of course, the amount of pesticide is not always high but I prefer to avoid

chemical substances even in low concentration. That’s why, strawberries are one of a few products I almost always try to buy from organic markets. But of course, everyone decides for themselves.

strawberry and broad bean salad as a side dish
strawberry and broad bean salad as a side dish



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