Vegan asparagus and green pea tart

Now we have season for asparagus. We should enjoy it as much as we can because it won’t last long. That’s why today I want to offer you a recipe for a vegan asparagus and green pea tart. Enjoy!

vegan asparagus and green pea tart

I like tarts very much and I often make them. It’s a really cool meal which tastes great even the next day. There are million ways to prepare tarts but today let’s focus on a vegan asparagus and green pea tart.

This dish is suitable for kids. It looks fabulous and also it is a great source of protein. If you suffer from gluten allergy just use your favorite gluten free flour. It taste very well with buckwheat flour. This vegan tart is healthy, colourful and I’m sure it will be a great meal for you and your family and friends.

Let’s start!

What ingredients do I need to prepare a vegan asparagus and green pea tart?

For the dough:

  • 400 grams of flour (I use spelt flour)
  • 50 grams of potato or chickpea flour
  • 30 grams of olive oil
  • 150 grams of cold water
  • salt
  • garlic powder (optional)

For the pulp:

  • 400 grams of frozen green pea
  • 100 grams of chickpeas, best from a jar. Remember that I don’t recommend can food.
  • 60 grams of plant-based milk. I avoid the rice milk because of possible arsenic contamination
  • 2 big spoons of potato (or chickpea) flour
  • salt
  • pepper
  • fresh garlic (2-3 cloves)
  • at least 12 asparagus
dough for a vegan asparagus and green pea tart

How do I make a vegan asparagus tart?

The dough

  • mix the flours with salt and (optional) garlic
  • add olive oil
  • knead the dough and slowly add water
  • when the dough is ready put it in a tart tin (26 cm) brushed with oil

The pulp

  • rinse green pea with warm water to defrost it
  • peel the asparagus and boil it for a few minutes (up to 5 minutes)
  • blend green pea, chickpeas, potato flour, milk, garlic and salt and pepper together. It should be thick like cream cheese.
vegan asparagus and green pea tart on the plate

How to bake the tart?

  • heat the oven to 180C.
  • make some holes in the dough with a fork
  • bake it for 15 minutes
  • after 15 minutes take the tart out of the oven and spread the pulp on it
  • put the asparagus on top
  • bake it for about 15 minutes in the same temperature

Remember that it’s much healthier to bake the vegan asparagus and green peas tart for a shorter period of time. Why? The answer is here. And it’s not so complicated to make it, right?

vegan asparagus and green pea tart
vegan asparagus tart

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