Vegan plum crumble with oats

Vegan plum crumble with oats delicious and easy-to-make dessert. The most popular version is with apples. Personally, I like crumble with plums a bit more but the truth is you can also use pears or even frozen raspberries. My recipe is, as always, without sugar. You want some?


vegan plum crumble with oats
vegan crumble

When I bake vegan plum crumble with oats, I use unrefined cocoa butter. It gives a delicate chocolate flavour and it tastes perfectly with plums or slightly sour raspberries. You can also use a different kind of fat. I’m not a big fan of vegan margarine and I always try to choose products with the simplest ingredients – no additives, no preservatives and no antioxidants! Cocoa butter is a natural product and one of the main ingredients of chocolate. However, it’s quite calorific so people with obesity problems should avoid it.

What ingredients do I need to make vegan plum crumble with oats?

  • 800g of plums
  • 5-10 dates
  • 70g of oat flakes
  • 140g of any flour
  • 75g of cocoa butter
  • a pinch of salt
vegan plum crumble with oats
plum crumble

How to make plum crumble with oats?

  • wash plums, cut them in half and get rid of stones
  • put plums in the baking form (26cm)
  • mill dates with oat flakes (the amount of dates depends on how sweet you want your crumble so use more if you like sweeter desserts)
  • combine milled dates and oat flakes with flour and salt
  • melt cocoa butter in a pan. Be careful as cocoa butter melts really fast
  • add melted cocoa butter to the mix
  • use your hands to form crumble and then put it on plums
vegan plum crumble with oats
vegan plum crumble

How to bake vegan plum crumble with oats?

  • 30-40 minutes in 180C

I always bake things for a shorter period of time to limit a formation of harmful acrylamide.

In winter I use frozen raspberries instead of plums. I wash them in a sieve until they melt and I put them in smaller baking containers (for one serving) and I bake them for about 15-20 minutes.

It’s a really cool dessert, which tastes warm best, e.g. with a scoop of vegan chocolate ice-cream.



vegan plum crumble with oats


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